Spoken communication

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Make sure you are heard over the brand cacophony

With audio media, you need to sound right and you need to sound better than everyone else! It is essential to differentiate yourself for your message to be heard.

Take advantage of our creative and production expertise to maximize your sound communication and reach listeners optimally.

FM ads

Creation-writing, production, royalty clearance RadioShop offers you turn-key service, with creative teams to liven up your presence, and production professionals to boost your messages. Communication that is different, at the right price and with exceptional response time.

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Telephone on-hold

The telephone is often one of the first points-of-contact between a brand and its customers: don't ruin the first impression! Your speech on this particular media form must always be clear and consistent across your entire network. Our job is to welcome your callers, inform them, and promote your brand universe while helping them wait patiently under the best possible conditions.

See Nomad Hotels telephone on-hold solution

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