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What does my brand sound like?

Similarly to your graphical charter, your sound identity is an important asset for your brand.

Music is a powerful emotional vector that reinforces brand recognition and consumer preference significantly by adapting to all your communication channels.

Our unique methodology and proven expertise guarantee that your sound identity will be firmly anchored in your brand’s DNA and totally in-phase with your audience. And you’re not alone: our consulting team works with you and guides you at every phase to deploy your sound communication.

Sound logo

In just a few notes, your sound logo embodies your identity to the public’s ear. We didn't make it up. Science says so! The efficiency of music as part of the identification and memorization process has been demonstrated. Take advantage of it! Our marketing and artistic expertise guarantee you a relevant and differentiating approach. Our unique methodology is based on performing a prior marketing and sociological study dedicated to your brand.

See the Memphis Coffee sound identity


All video brand content includes a musical dimension, regardless of the media outlet. The relevance of your musical choices is a key factor in people’s perception and memorization of your message. Don’t leave anything to chance. Leave this work to a specialist. RadioShop offers expertise and privileged access to major and Indie label catalogs to enhance your videos with the strongest possible artistic proposals. Our experience handling royalties also guarantees clearance with total peace-of-mind for you at the best price.

See the Habitat project

Original music

Original content deserves custom music. Collections, events, new brand territories... Whatever your needs, our studios will create the original soundtrack for all your projects, from the simplest to the most far-fetched, respecting any budget.

See the Cabasse project

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