RadioShop Conseil signs sound for Pierre-Luc Poujol exhibition

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RadioShop Conseil, the company’s consulting agency, created a custom musical selection for the “Action dripping” exhibition by painter Pierre-Luc Poujol, to be held November 11 - 28, 2015, at the MyContemporary gallery in Paris. The selection mixes references to the artist’s work and the unique exhibition site in the capital city’s downtown area.

Deliberately bold, innovative, intellectual, and elitist, the exhibition’s sound design offers a cutting-edge musical journey that combines electronic, ambient, and acoustic tones. The selection features identifiable references from an imaginary realm inspired as much by the electricity of Velvet Underground as by the beatnik imagery of American folk music.

The concept of this sound creation is based on a qualitative and clearly identifiable musical ambiance, yet non-intrusive, inspired by the energy emanated by Pierre-Luc Poujol’s paintings and his particular dripping technique. It also evokes the movement created by the overlapping shapes and frames on his paintings, and their interaction with the gallery’s sleek architecture, bathed in natural light and ideal for artistic encounters.

Pierre-Luc Poujol :
Following the tradition of action painting and abstract expressionism, Pierre-Luc Poujol has chosen to create by projecting and dripping paint without having contact with the canvas. He confronts the emptiness of the creative space, seeking to create order and meaning.

MyContemporary :
Located on Rue Duret (Paris 16th arrondissement), the gallery was opened this year by the virtual gallery as a unique 180 m² space dominated by an impressive glass roof. Its goal is to become the reference gallery in western Paris by offering innovative and atypical artistic programming.

RadioShop Conseil :
RadioShop Conseil is the RadioShop group’s brand and musical consultancy, one of the leaders for in-store radio and sound identity in France. Radioshop Conseil offers expertise in sound creation and musical content activation within brand communication.

Wednesday 25 November 2015

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