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What does the 21st century point-of-sale look like ?

The digital revolution has profoundly changed the shopping experience. Points-of-sale in the 21st century must offer an interactive and connected client experience.

RadioShop provides you with custom marketing and entertainment solutions to make your store unique and different.

Our creative solutions use technology as a means to boost your client relations.


By placing screens strategically at your points-of-sale, showing appropriate informative and promotional content, you can seriously improve the client experience and have a positive impact on your sales efficiency. Our motion-designers create animated content to accompany your global approach to point-of-sale digitalization.
RadioShop’s technical team evaluates, installs, and maintains in-store visual tools, including screens, projectors, and players.

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Interactive terminals

Our consulting team works with you to think about and create original interactive content that attracts people while building a brand preference and in-store traffic. We imagine, design, and develop your terminals, veritable sales support tools, from A to Z. We also handle all technical aspects, notably: design, manufacturing, integration, installation, and maintenance.

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Augmented reality

We love the selfie attitude! We use a terminal to film people passing in augmented reality, and broadcast their images on a screen. Our custom offering grabs clients’ attention and draws them into the point-of-sale so they can get more information. This service covers every aspect of your project, from needs analysis and creation of your terminal by a designer, to content creation and modeling, terminal manufacturing, installation, and on-site maintenance.

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