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Who am I ?
Since web is web, I only had eyes for him. Fullstack, I'm crazy about Javascript components, and have a perfect control of modern responsive interfaces (bootstrap, html5, css3).
Of course, SQL databases, IIS / asp.net environment and C# are only one with me.

Comfortable with agile environment (Scrum), humans relationships are equally important for me than ma relation with CLR.

Curious about all frameworks evolutions, I'm always looking for new things.

To do what ?
Within Innovation team, I work at conception and evolution of our audio, video and interactives solutions.

Conception is great, we need to develop now! Within a mixed team : system (C++) / web (asp.net), I develop our software and web site, always having in mind coherence coding guidelines.

Like a Cyril Lignac of the web, I'm can put in place both unitary and global tests, for great quality deliveries.

My deliveries are well documented, thanks to that, they can be rightly used, finely maintained, and perfectly maaged by our helpdesk mates in order for them to support our customers with all the talents they only have.

Where it is ?
Under the sun of south of France, only 10 minutes far from Mediterranean Sea, I will seat at first floor of radioshop building. I will be able to look at Pic Saint Loup at one side, and to the sea at the other.
CDI contract, full time, we need you quickly. Salary will be discuss following your experience and profile.

To apply, it's here !

Monday 16 October 2017