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Who am I ?
I followed a sales cursus, and I’m able to negotiate with high-level customers (CEO, CMO, Sales Director, IT director).
I’m not a rookie, I already have a true experience in a sales team dealing with key accounts (in marketing domain will be great)
Business qualification, prospection, business development and customers projects are part of my DNA.
Very communicating, I have both an excellent oral and writing expression. I’m fluent in French and in English.
To do what ?
Within the sales team, I start with phoning protection to find new customers projects.
The, I setup a customer meeting to precisely identify customer needs, present radioshop services and sale the appropriate offering.
I coordinate the project with all the internals teams (IT, support, artistic, project) to deliver it with success.

Where it is ?
Under the sun of south of France, only 10 minutes far from Mediterranean Sea, I will seat at last floor of radioshop building. I will be able to look at Pic Saint Loup at one side, and to the sea at the other.

CDI contract, full time, we need you quickly. Salary + bonus (no threshold) will be discuss following your experience and profile.

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Thursday 26 October 2017