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Who am I ?
When faeries come to my baby cradle, they overthrew a tremendous amount of creativity powder, and I’m still overflowing of it!
My huge experience in consulting agency allow me to focus this creativity thanks to an ultra-effective methodology of wish I’m the only one to have the secret (but I love to share it…)
Result: when a customer spoke to me, I swarm of exciting ideas which nobody think before myself, and then my sales buddy run to sale it.
Very communicating, I have both an excellent oral and writing expression. I’m fluent in French and in English.
I worked several years in a major consulting agency, where I learned all tricks and tips of my job.


To do what ?
Within the consulting team, I create innovating concepts for brands, assisted by a project manager and an artistic director.
My day to day is the one of a consulting agency: customer meeting, thinking, artistic recommendation, strategic schedule, management, delivery and party!

Where it is ?
Under the sun of south of France, only 10 minutes far from Mediterranean Sea, I will seat at last floor of radioshop building. I will be able to look at Pic Saint Loup at one side, and to the sea at the other.
CDI contract, full time, we need you quickly. Salary will be discuss following your experience and profile.

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Tuesday 17 October 2017