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Your customers’ and employees’ ears deserve personalized results !

The musical ambiance at your points-of-sale is a key part of the customer experience.

To bring out the best in your brand radio, our artistic teams create an exclusive musical design just for you, just for your brand, that matches your brand DNA perfectly.

Your programming can be adapted and localized according to your geographical area, opening hours, events, and even the weather.

Far better than just a playlist, our algorithm continually update your selection to ensure the freshness of new music and protect your staff from annoying repetition. It is your own media tool with an editorial line adapted to your communication spaces, with messages oriented for corporate, promotional, notoriety, sound identity, and brand content purposes.

One of our key values is our exceptional response time.

Music design

It takes a true specialist to create a coherent and attractive musical universe. Our team of artistic directors and sound designers give you the benefit of their extensive experience to make your mark. Leveraging backgrounds in the music world and FM radio programming, our talents merge to offer you entirely personalized service.

See the Galeries Lafayette project

International music

Are your company’s operations international? We are there for you: RadioShop works in over 30 countries and knows how to adapt music and technology to specific regional aspects. We provide your audio messages in 7 languages and provide technical assistance in English and Spanish.

See the IKKS project

Thematic music

Societal events: Saint Valentine’s day, back-to-school, Halloween, Christmas, and more, as well as brand events such as openings, anniversaries, sales, shows. Every important moment gets its own musical theme. Draw from our numerous thematic playlists or request your own custom programming. Let your brand radio set the tempo for your key shopping periods all year round.

Sound marketing

Your in-store radio is a powerful marketing tool You control the editorial line and communicate directly with your customers and employees in real-time, without any intermediaries or parasites. RadioShop designs, elaborates, records, and integrates all your spoken communication content in just a few hours.

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