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When a brand becomes a media source

Brand content strategy has become a major component of brand management. The brand universe is built with its own relevant and compelling content to address your audience directly and build community momentum. RadioShop assists you with innovative concepts and tools that are adapted to your brand environment and sales strategy.

Social networks

Use your social networks to speak out on a topic that motivates your audience: music is one of everybody’s favorite leisure pastimes. By entrusting RadioShop with this aspect of your communication, you can be sure that the most compelling content – in line with your public’s expectations – is chosen by a specialist. It is a way to create a new and strong affective relationship with your community.

See the Morgan project

Web radio

Your web presence is mute! Extend your point-of-sale sound experience to your web site and Facebook page. Recruiting your listeners and building their loyalty turns them into fans. By maximizing contact time with your customers, this media source enables you to communicate differently, directly, and with complete mobility, reaching people at home, at work, and even on public transportation.

See the Tropisme project

Artist competitions

Bring out your customers’ artistic talent! By organizing a competition related to music, such as with people voting or answering a quiz, you get both winners and their friends involved personally to create buzz. This type of operation links your digital environment and point-of-sale, generating on-line and in-store traffic.

See the Columbus Café project

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